The Difference Between Surgical and Non-Surgical Procedures

March 6th, 2019 | Body - Surgical, Face - Surgical, Injectables and Fillers

The phrase ‘getting an operation’ might conjure up fear in many people.  Just as there are many different problems the human body can experience, there are equally as many solutions doctors know that will help. Anything as major as surgery requires important questions. Are the changes minor or major? Are the changes a want or a need? Is surgery required for something aesthetic or something essential?

These are questions a doctor will have already asked, but it’s just as important for patients to understand these questions. When it comes to the quality of life, a quality decision set against the proper expectations can matter just as much as the treatment. How do I know what I will need? Good question.  

Surgical Options and What They Offer

Surgical procedures are best used when a patient is looking to make a more significant change. For example, a patient may suffer from a severe wrinkling of the skin. This is common, and there are many reasons for this. Sometimes wrinkling is caused by unhealthy decisions, such as smoking or unhealthy eating. Sometimes it’s simply in the patient’s DNA, or the natural process of aging, in which the body’s natural oils dry up. When this happens, a facelift is one surgical option for those that want an aesthetic solution. There’s nothing wrong with missing your old self, and there are plenty of situations where wrinkling causes its own problems, such as regenerating from a laceration or contusion.

While wrinkling will affect older patients, excess fat can hit you no matter what your age is. Liposuction is another common surgical procedure that can help you aesthetically, and functionally. In this procedure, the doctor removes excess fat from the desired area, typically in the stomach and lower abdomen area. No matter the procedure, doctors and patients alike should always communicate clearly to one another at all times.  

Non-Surgical Options and What They Offer

Non-surgical procedures are effective when the changes that a patient wants to make are more subtle. These are non-invasive, meaning that they will not require incisions of any kind.  In addition, there are many different conditions and issues in which a non-surgical procedure is applicable.
Vaginal elasticity and dryness is one example. As we know, aging leads to lost elasticity in the skin. The most common protein in your body — which is essential to maintaining the integrity of the connective tissues in your body — is collagen, which is also lost due to age. Women lose tightness in this area. The consequence is partially emotional (loss of confidence), as well as functional (women who lose vaginal collagen can also suffer from urinary incontinence). There are non-invasive procedures for almost anything, including sinus problems that otherwise feel like nothing can make them go away. If you’re thinking critically about cosmetic plastic surgery, or have questions about procedures, visit My Houston Surgeries for more information.