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Life after dramatic weight loss due to surgery or diet and exercise can be difficult for many women and men.1 While our patients have taken an important step towards becoming healthier, often how they feel on the inside does not match how they look on the outside. Massive weight loss after the hard work of changing diet and lifestyle or undergoing gastric bypass surgery often leaves patients with large amounts of excess, hanging skin.2 This can be uncomfortable, lead to infections and make it difficult to find clothes that fit correctly. Fortunately, we offer surgical procedures for patients that can help improve the look of your body after major weight loss, with post weight loss surgery.

Post Weight Loss Surgery Procedures

Every person’s body responds and heals differently. In general, individuals who are older and have been significantly overweight for longer periods of time tend to have more skin laxity and less elasticity. These factors have to be taken into consideration when planning body contouring after significant weight loss. Patients who have undergone bariatric surgery have an additional consideration due to nutritional alterations secondary to surgery. These alterations can lead to issues with wound healing after surgery if they are not properly addressed. Our plastic surgeons are familiar with the changes that occur after massive weight loss, both physically and mentally, and are here to be supportive of your life–changing journey.

Because each patient has different anatomy and needs, your post weight loss surgery treatment plan will be custom-tailored to achieve your cosmetic goals. Your post weight loss procedure may include liposuction, excess skin removal, tightening of sagging skin and/or the abdominal muscles, a tummy tuck and/or panniculectomy, arm lift, breast lift or other procedures.

Benefits of Post Weight Loss Surgery

Post weight loss surgery is a body contouring surgery that can:

  • Remove excess skin
  • Improve body contour
  • Improve appearance

Post Weight Loss Surgery Candidacy

The ideal patient has been stable at or near their goal weight for at least 3-6 months.3 In general, for bariatric patients, this is extended to be at least one year from the time of surgery. Patience at this step will help us to help you achieve the best aesthetic result.

Good candidates for body contouring procedures such as post weight loss surgery are in good health, have made lifestyle changes that support their new healthy weight and diet. Candidates should also have realistic expectations. Our surgeons may suggest any of the following procedures in order to give our patients their ideal bodily aesthetic:

After losing a lot of weight, I needed a Breast Lift, Tummy Tuck, and Liposuction. I wanted to see someone I was comfortable with. After doing some research, Dr. Sean Boutros' name stood out. Everything from scheduling the first consultation appointment to my post-operative appointments has been great. Dr. Boutros and his staff are a wonderful team, and I thank God every day that they are the ones watching over me as well, which made my recovery so much better than expected! No more sagging skin, Yay me!!!


FAQs About Post Weight Loss Plastic Surgery

Will insurance cover my post weight loss surgeries?

At times depending on your insurance carrier, insurance will cover removing extra skin if you have significant documented medical problems from this excess loose skin.4 This refers to skin infections, rashes etc. that have required multiple trips and treatments by your primary care doctor or bariatric doctor. Our office does accept CareCredit financing in order to help with out-of-pocket expenses associated with many of the procedures.

Can I combine other cosmetic surgery procedures with post weight loss surgery?

Yes, often our weight loss patients are interested in combining one or more other plastic surgery procedures with their post weight loss surgery. These procedures can include but are not limited to breast augmentation with breast implants, breast reduction, or mommy makeover.

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