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Chronic Sinusitis

What Is It?

Our sinuses are such an essential part of daily function that any conditions that affects them are bound to have drastic effects. Chronic Sinusitis is a severe form of sinusitis, a condition that might seem benign, but it can severely impede someone’s daily life and lead to other health problems. The disease is characterized by sinuses that have become inflamed, swollen, and congested leading to months of headaches, postnasal drip, stuffiness, facial pain, fatigue, and difficulty breathing. Additionally, chronic sinusitis is considered one of the most common chronic illnesses in the United States, and while medicinal treatments for it exists, many patients find these treatments ineffective.

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Sinuses Related To Chronic Sinusitis

Sinuses are small, cavities in the skull located between the eyes, the forehead, behind the nose and behind the cheekbones. While it can vary with some people, most people have 8 sinuses, 4 on each side of their face. Along with our nasal passages, they’re essential structures for breathing, and conditions like chronic sinusitis can cause severe discomfort and other health problems like infection and trouble breathing. Chronic sinusitis is characterized by a set of symptoms that lasts for months.

Chronic Sinusitis Symptoms

      • Pain and pressure around eyes, cheeks and forehead
      • Difficulty in breathing through the nose
      • Dental pain
      • Headache
      • Fatigue
      • Cough
      • Discolored Mucus
      • Bad Breath


If your sinusitis is caused by underlying issues like allergies, dental infections, and fungal and bacterial infections, then treating those conditions might lead to the improvement of your chronic sinusitis. Common prescription medicines used to treat Chronic Sinusitis include steroids to treat inflammation, and a course of antibiotics or fungal medication to treat infections. However, for a sizeable number of patients, even prescription medication might not be effective. For the patients who need surgical intervention, consulting with a skilled ears, nose, and throat surgeon or sinusitis specialist can be the key to finding a definitive treatment for a case of chronic sinusitis.

Surgery For Sinusitis (FESS)

Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery (FESS) is widely considered to be an effective surgical treatment for chronic sinusitis. Using a small imaging device called an endoscope, your surgeons can examine the inside of your nose and perform the surgery without making a single visible incision outside the nose. FESS’s main function is removing bone and tissue to create a wider opening in the sinuses to improve drainage.

Quality Patient Care

My Houston Surgeons has a number of fellowship trained sinus specialists in their team, ready to treat conditions like sinusitis with the skill and finesse required. Our team is highly trained in a wide variety surgical treatments concerning sinus and nasal disorders, so you can rest assured that your treatment for Chronic Sinusitis will be the one best suited for your health and full recovery.

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