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Collagen and elasticity are the building blocks of the skin’s vitality, and over time their gradual loss leads to a loss of firmness. Now patients with concerns about sagging or crepey skin can count on Renuvion Powered by J-Plasma®, a minimally invasive device that can provide secondary skin tightening on deeper tissues virtually anywhere on the body including the face, neck, abdomen, and extremities.

Renuvion Powered by J-Plasma With My Houston Surgeons

Our surgeons are dedicated to offering patients advanced age-defying treatments that tighten and firm skin to restore a youthful-looking appearance and increase confidence with safe, effective, and easy non-surgical procedures like Renuvion. These treatments are revolutionary in that they provide a more effective alternative to other skin tightening treatments for the face and body with more dramatic results.1,2

How Does Renuvion Firm & Tighten Skin?

Renuvion Powered by J-Plasma is an energy device that precisely targets tissues with radiofrequency energy.3,4 The Renuvion device works by creating a Dual Thermal Effect™, combining helium gas with electrical energy and transforming them into cold atmospheric plasma. This cool plasma is then subdermally distributed to effect next-generation skin tightening.

Renuvion is unique because it heats subdermal tissues to maximum contraction temperatures while simultaneously cooling the skin’s surface.5 Tissue contraction happens immediately and tissues continue to firm over time as new collagen forms.

Candidates For Renuvion

Good candidates for Renuvion treatments are men and women in general good health, who don’t smoke, and have realistic expectations. Individuals looking to remove moderate to severe loose skin in arms, legs, or abdomen should consider surgical alternatives like brachioplasty (arm lift), thigh lift, or abdominoplasty (tummy tuck).

Benefits of Renuvion

Many people love Renuvion for its ability to:

  • Tighten and firm virtually any area on the body—even places that are typically hard-to-treat
  • Reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Offer a minimally invasive option with only a small incision
  • Not require extended downtime
  • Achieve both instant long-term results that get better with time

The Renuvion Procedure

Renuvion treatments can be performed under general anesthesia or sedation and begin with several small incisions in the treatment area where the Renuvion handheld device will be placed. Then plasma energy is directed into subdermal tissues beneath the skin. Renuvion treatments typically take under an hour to complete and often provide visible results immediately after the procedure.

Renuvion Recovery

Following Renuvion on the lower face and neck, patients can expect to wear a compression garment for one week at all times, and then after the first week while at home for six weeks. After Renuvion on the body, patients are required to wear the compression garment for at least six weeks at all times under their clothes. It’s normal to experience some swelling and tenderness for roughly four to six weeks but in general, recovery is mild.

Renuvion Results

Renuvion offers a tighter, smoother, and more consistent appearance to the skin’s surface than lasers have previously been able to achieve. Immediately after the Renuvion procedure, you’ll notice that skin is noticeably firmer. Results become more apparent in the following weeks as swelling diminishes with final results visible in approximately three months and gradual improvement for up to one year.

FAQs About Renuvion

How much does Renuvion cost?

Renuvion treatment costs can vary depending on the number and size of the treatment areas as well the number of treatments required to achieve your desired results. In addition, your total procedure cost can increase if Renuvion is performed in combination with other procedures such as liposuction. During your personal consultation, your provider will determine a treatment plan and pricing based on your unique cosmetic goals.

How many Renuvion treatments do I need?

For most patients, one Renuvion treatment is enough to see visible results. Renuvion results can last for up to five years.

Superior Skin Tightening in Houston

If you want to improve aging skin that is sagging, loose, or shows fine lines and wrinkles, Renuvion may be an ideal treatment to restore your skin to a youthful-looking appearance. Contact us today to learn more about Renuvion or to schedule a consultation with one of our leading clinicians.

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