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Allergic Fungal Sinusitis

A very specific sinus infection, allergic fungal sinusitis typically only involves the right or left side of the sinuses. The disease typically presents during the teenage years. It is often characterized by facial pressure, yellow/brown nasal drainage, and the discharge of green or brown “cork-like” fragments from the nose. This type of sinus infection is particularly difficult to manage, but fortunately our sinus experts are experienced in treating this kind of sinusitis.

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Understanding Allergic Fungal Sinusitis

Most people who suffer from this disease typically have other associated allergies to mold and other allergens which help drive their sinusitis. This extended exposure to environmental allergens feeds the inflammation that drives a patient’s chronic sinusitis, sometimes even causing severe flare-ups.

Allergic fungal sinusitis refers to the fungal fragments that build up within the patient’s sinus cavities as a result of their chronic inflammation. Severe fungal sinusitis precedents symptoms that include the following:

– Difficulty breathing
– One-sided Nasal Congestion
– Facial pain/pressure on one side of the face
– Thick brown or yellow nasal drainage
– Nasal drainage of intermittent green/brown cork-like fragments
– Coughing
– Frequent asthma flare-ups, including wheezing and chest tightness

Why Choose Us?

At My Houston Surgeons, we are able to treat a variety of sinus problems. We can prescribe the right course of action and follow through with state of the art treatment plans for each person. Our office has the most current CT Scanning, cutting edge technology allowing for minimally-invasive, in-office procedures, as well as nationally recognized luxury recovery suites. Plus we have highly-trained, board-certified sinus surgeons to care for you every step of the way.



For patients who experience the above symptoms of allergic fungal sinusitis, it is essential to consult one of our board-certified rhinologists who can give you a diagnosis and treatment plan right away. Sometimes our sinus surgeons suggest oral steroids or antibiotics to treat the issue. Other times, we use a CT Scan of a patient’s sinuses to help us better assess their condition.

Some patients additionally have nasal polyps on top of their allergic fungal sinusitis. In these cases, oral steroids and antibiotics will provide only a temporary solution to symptoms. In these cases, we suggest endoscopic sinus surgery to remove the polyps, so we can better treat the sinusitis. The quality of the sinus surgery is pivotal, as it is the best way to provide long-term relief to our patients with this particularly challenging infection.

During the surgery, our physicians widen the sinuses in order to remove all fungal fragments and to give us accessibility to give treatment through a long-term nasal steroid rinse to control inflammation. We often use Propel–a revolutionary steroid implant that releases the steroid within the nose to prevent the recurrence of polyps and fungal growth.

The key to allergic fungal sinusitis treatment is to tailor each of our approaches to the patient. We don’t have a one-size-fits-all solution used to cure every person.  Our surgeons’ super specialized training and expertise will ensure you get the best, most-effective treatment for your sinusitis, allowing you to return to normal life as soon as possible.

Quality Patient Care

My Houston Surgeons has a number of fellowship trained sinus specialists in their team, ready to treat conditions like sinusitis with the skill and finesse required. Our team is highly trained in a wide variety surgical treatments concerning sinus and nasal disorders, so you can rest assured that your treatment for Chronic Sinusitis will be the one best suited for your health and full recovery.

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