Revision Sinus Surgery

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If you’ve had sinus surgery but still have frequent sinus infections or chronic symptoms such as ongoing nasal congestion, it may indicate that your initial procedure was inadequate or unsuccessful. Revision endoscopic sinus surgery (RESS) is a procedure that may help you find lasting relief from the frustration, discomfort, and inconvenience of sinus issues.

Revision Endoscopic Sinus Surgery at My Houston Surgeons

The sinus center at My Houston Surgeons has several sinus fellowship-trained and board-certified and board-eligible otolaryngologists (ENTs) who are expert revision sinus surgeons. As Houston’s leading rhinologists, they are dedicated to providing each patient with a customized revision sinus surgery treatment plan designed for optimal nasal function and a better quality of life. Our sinus surgeons have helped countless patients improve their health with revision sinus surgery.

Reasons For Sinus Surgery Revision

Revision sinus surgery aims to ensure that the nose is breathing well, the sinuses are draining properly, and that any needed medical treatments such as topical medications can reach the areas of concern within the nose. When done well, revision sinus surgery helps avoid uncomfortable symptoms like sinus pressure and pain, nasal congestion, and recurring or chronic sinus infections.

Revision Sinus Surgery For Nasal Polyps

Nasal polyps form in the setting of inflammation of the nasal structures and lining within the nose. Surgical removal of nasal polyps may be required one or more times, particularly when polyps are large or obstruct the openings of the sinuses. Medical management of the underlying inflammation within the nose is essential to treat and prevent nasal polyps’ ongoing formation and growth. Our fellowship-trained sinus experts will ensure that patients with nasal polyps receive optimal surgery and remain well controlled with long-term surveillance, which is essential in avoiding repeat trips to the operating room for polyps.

Revision Sinus Surgery For Incomplete Surgery

It’s possible that your previous surgeon chose a surgical technique or designed a treatment plan that wasn’t adequate to effectively treat your symptoms. ENT training varies, and advanced sinus surgery techniques are often required to ensure optimal outcomes. The sinus fellowship-trained MHS sinus surgeons are highly experienced in every aspect of advanced sinus surgery and can provide the best outcomes regardless of the challenges presented.

Revision Sinus Surgery For Incorrect Diagnosis

If you continue to experience congestion or other symptoms following sinus surgery, it might be because you didn’t receive an accurate diagnosis, and the initial treatment did not address the real cause of your symptoms. A MHS sinus surgeon will provide a comprehensive evaluation, including in-office CT imaging when indicated, before determining the best treatment for your specific needs. They will ensure that you understand both the underlying problems and the recommended treatments to decide how to best manage your condition with confidence.

Changes In Condition After Sinus Surgery

You may have developed a new condition after successful initial sinus surgery. Persisting and worsening symptoms should be evaluated by a fellowship-trained sinus expert. Two factors will need to be determined – are the sinuses open and draining as intended, and are allergies and other sources of inflammation impacting the health of the nose and sinuses? Nasal obstructions may require additional surgical intervention. Inflammation may require a change in your medications or immunotherapy for allergies. MHS sinus experts will evaluate every aspect of your condition to ensure that you achieve better health and understand how to remain healthy long after any needed procedures.

How Does Revision Sinus Surgery Work?

Preparing For Revision Sinus Surgery

During your consultation, your sinus surgeon will begin by discussing your symptoms and reviewing your medical history. Next, they will gather information through a combination of physical examination, nasal endoscopy to better visualize the areas of concern within the nose, and/or in-office CT imaging of the sinuses and nasal passages. Finally, your sinus surgeon will present you with their findings, explain your condition(s), and discuss treatment options. You will then work with your surgeon to decide which treatment approach best fits your needs.

The Revision Sinus Surgery Procedure

Revision sinus surgery is performed endoscopically with nasal scopes, small instruments, and other equipment designed to open sinuses without needing external incisions. Depending on the sinuses involved, the equipment required, and the extent of inflammatory changes within the nose, revision sinus surgery can vary in length and surgical challenges presented. Advanced sinus techniques furthered by extensive fellowship training allow our MHS sinus experts to provide the best possible outcomes regardless of the challenges uncovered during surgery.

Recovering Following Revision Sinus Surgery

Symptoms during recovery from revision sinus surgery depend on several factors. Nasal packing, septoplasty, and drilling extended openings into the sinuses are only a few factors. The good news: our MHS sinus experts have spent years perfecting their techniques and post-op care instructions to ensure the least amount of post-op discomfort. When the provided instructions are followed after surgery, symptoms are minimized and often mild while recovering. Prescription medications are discussed and provided in advance of the surgery day. Post-operative office visits are performed with your surgeon until you are fully recovered and happy with the results of your procedure.

Schedule A Consultation For Revision Sinus Surgery

Revision sinus surgery presents complex challenges and should only be performed by experienced sinus surgeons with the necessary expertise in this procedure.2 Our fellowship-trained revision sinus surgeons have spent years performing and perfecting advanced surgical techniques to achieve the best outcomes for each patient. Most importantly, their treatment plans do not stop after surgery and continue as long as needed to ensure the best long-term results. Please contact us to schedule your consultation today.

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