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A thigh lift, also referred to as thighplasty, can help provide patients with increased self-confidence by improving the contours of the thigh region. Factors such as the natural aging process, substantial weight loss, and pregnancy can lead to excess skin and tissue in the thighs that cannot be eliminated with exercise. A thigh lift removes this excess skin and tissue, and is often combined with liposuction for the removal of excess fat, leading to thighs that appear slimmer and more shapely.

What is a Thigh Lift?

For patients who have not been able to achieve the contours they desire with fitness and exercise, a thigh lift can be performed to eliminate excess skin to create a slimmer appearance. Specifically, a thigh lift is performed to remove excess skin and subcutaneous tissue from the thigh region. Thighplasty is frequently performed as part of post-weight loss body contouring. For patients who are troubled by stubborn pockets of fat in the thigh area, this procedure can be combined with liposuction for even more pronounced results.1

Benefits of a Thigh Lift

A thigh lift can address either the inner thigh, the outer thigh, or both. It is far more common for patients to undergo an inner thigh lift, as liposuction or a body or butt lift is often more effective for the outer thigh region.

Some of the many benefits our thigh lift patients enjoy include:

  • The ability to treat multiple regions of the thigh at once
  • Consistently excellent results
  • Minimal complications
  • Short recovery time
  • Small incision sites, leading to faster healing and minimally visible scars

The Thigh Lift Procedure

When not performed as part of a comprehensive post-weight loss body contouring procedure, thigh lift is an outpatient procedure that takes place at our on-site surgical facility under IV sedation and local anesthesia.

Incisions for a thigh lift vary according to the patient’s anatomy and goals. Most frequently, the incision for an inner thigh lift is made in the groin area, extending down and to the back of the thigh. For patients undergoing an outer thigh lift, the incision usually extends from the groin around the hip and across the lower back. Our surgeons are careful to place incisions so that any future scarring can be hidden beneath undergarments or a bathing suit.

Following the thigh lift incision, the surgeon will smooth and contour the area, trimming away excess skin and tissues to create a sleeker appearance. At this point, liposuction may also be performed.

Once the surgeon is satisfied with the thigh lift results, sutures will be used to close the incisions and the patient is gently awakened from anesthesia. Patients recover briefly at our surgery center before being released to go home in the care of a friend or family member.2

Thigh Lift Recovery and Results

Following a thigh lift, it is normal for patients to experience mild to moderate pain and swelling for the first few days, and medications will be prescribed to enhance patients’ comfort as they recover. Bruising may also be present, and should resolve naturally within 3-4 weeks.

Most of our patients take 7-10 days off from work for their thigh lift procedure and recovery. Patients should be able to resume normal daily activities after roughly one week, though strenuous exercise and activity should be avoided for 4-6 weeks.

As swelling from the thigh lift begins to resolve, patients’ new contours will quickly become apparent. As long as patients maintain a healthy lifestyle and stable weight, the results of a thigh lift should last a lifetime.

Who is a Candidate for Thigh Lift?

When you consult with one of our Houston plastic surgeons about your thigh lift, he or she will examine the area you wish to treat and ask questions about your overall health to determine whether you are a good candidate for thighplasty. In general, candidates for thigh lift:

  • Have a relatively stable weight
  • Are troubled by excess skin and/or tissue along the inner or outer thigh
  • Are in good overall health
  • Do not smoke
  • Are committed to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and stable weight
  • Have realistic expectations about what can be achieved with a thigh lift3

If you anticipate significant weight loss in the future, we may recommend that you undergo thigh lift surgery once you have reached your weight loss goal.

Schedule Your Thigh Lift Consultation in Houston

If you are troubled by loose, saggy skin or tissue on your thighs that has not responded to exercise, you may benefit from a thigh lift procedure. To learn more about thigh lifts and whether you may be a good candidate, please contact My Houston Surgeons to schedule a private consultation with an experienced plastic surgeon.

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