Sinus Mucoceles

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A sinus mucocele refers to a pocket or pockets of mucous that are trapped within one or more of the sinuses. Mucoceles usually occur in a specific part of the sinuses and are commonly a result of facial trauma or failed sinus surgery. Patients experiencing intermittent yellow nasal drainage or facial pressure in one part of the face, who have also had failed sinus surgery or have experienced facial trauma may be suffering from sinus mucoceles.

What Are Sinus Mucoceles?

Your sinuses are covered with a lining called mucosa, which is analogous to skin. During the opening of the sinuses during sinus surgery, some mucosa may get tapped beneath other mucosa, resulting in a mucocele. Similarly, if a patient experiences facial trauma with bony injury, this can also cause a trapping of the mucosa within the sinuses. The trapped mucosa continues to produce mucous, but because it is trapped, the collection of mucous enlarges, forming a mucocele.

When mucoceles grow, they can cause patients to experience symptoms such as:

– One-sided facial pain or pressure
– Yellow drainage from one side of the nose
– Focal headaches on one side of the face
– Facial pressure that subsides with antibiotics, but returns after completed treatment

Sinus Mucoceles Treatment

If you believe you are experiencing symptoms of sinus mucoceles, it is imperative that you consult a rhinologist immediately. One of our board-certified and board-eligible sinus specialists can give you an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan following a consultation. This is because your medical history. including history of prior sinus surgery or facial trauma, is helpful when establishing a diagnosis.

For some patients, oral antibiotics can treat their mucoceles. Other times, our surgeons will choose to further examine your problems with a CT Scan or endoscope. A majority of patients with these symptoms require minimal endoscopic surgery. The surgery drains the mucoceles and restores a normal sinus pathway. The quality of this procedure is extremely important, as it is a huge factor in the long term success of treatment.

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