Chronic Sinus Infections: Do you Need Surgery?

November 17th, 2017 | Sinus

If you suffer from chronic sinus infections, then you might feel like the only answer is to visit the doctor for medication every time an infection flares up. But, instead of suffering from infections that seem to never end, there is an answer to stop the pain and discomfort: sinus surgery.

Treatment Options for Chronic Sinus Infections

More often than not, sinus infections can be treated with home remedies and medications. Doctors usually prescribe antibiotics, as well as decongestants and medications to thin the mucus.

Even though these treatments will solve the immediate infection, it isn’t a long-term solution to take antibiotics on a regular basis for chronic sinus infections. If you have used medications and tried a variety of treatments without success, then your doctor might talk to you about the option to have surgery for sinusitis. Most patients find that the symptoms are vastly improved after undergoing sinus surgery to correct chronic sinusitis.

When is Surgery Needed?

Sinus surgery options are considered on a case-by-case basis. Not everyone will benefit from this surgery. These are some of the medical conditions that might be indicators that you need sinus surgery:

Sinus or nasal polyps (shown in a CT scan)
Sinuses have an abnormal structure that increases the risk of infection
The infection is so severe that the bone is affected

Surgery is usually suggested if a patient isn’t getting the desired results from less-invasive treatments. Sometimes, the structure of the sinuses cause blockages that prevent the sinuses from draining properly. The goal of the surgery is to improve the drainage of the sinuses by removing the blockage.

Types of Sinus Surgery

At My Houston Surgeons, our doctors offer a variety of treatments to match your needs. Whether you need an in-office balloon sinuplasty, deviated septum repair, or any other type of sinus surgery, we are here to help. You can view more information about sinus treatments here.

A balloon sinuplasty is the least invasive option, allowing patients to use local anesthetics instead of general anesthesia. This in-office option usually has a shorter recovery time compared to other treatments. But, there are situations where an in-office balloon sinuplasty isn’t sufficient, and our doctors can help you determine the appropriate treatment for your condition.

Talk to the Experts

Only a qualified ENT can determine if your chronic sinus infection requires surgery. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Fakhri or Dr. Kuperan to see if this surgery is the best option for you.

Here at My Houston Surgeons, we offer the best treatments for our patients. Are you interested in learning more about the services that are available? You are welcome to call us anytime for more details about our office: (713) 791-0700. Or schedule an appointment using our online form.