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Rhinoplasty–or nose surgery–is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures. It can not only reshape the nose for a more pleasing appearance, but it can also improve breathing problems. Rhinoplasty can correct a long or wide nose, a bump or hump on the nasal bridge, a bulbous or drooping nose tip, and other various problems. Through rhinoplasty, our aim is to create greater facial symmetry, and an improved overall facial appearance.

Rhinoplasty Procedure

Rhinoplasty helps address various aesthetic concerns of the nose, such as a high dorsum (or bridge), a wide dorsum, a low dorsum, a narrow dorsum, a bulbous tip, a tip that is too low, a tip that is too high, as well as a nose that is just too large. A rhinoplasty can be performed as either an open or closed procedure, depending on the patient and their desired aesthetic goals.

Most importantly, our surgeons follow an advanced nose surgery technique that is centered around the principle of reshaping a patient’s nasal support, so they can see an improved aesthetic appearance. During your initial consultation, your surgeon will first thoroughly examine your nose. Next, due to a patient’s condition and severity of their problem, one of our surgeons will suggest an open or closed procedure at either our Houston or The Woodlands location. Furthermore, a patient’s desired aesthetic look also certainly plays a part in the type of procedure our surgeons elect to perform.

During a closed procedure, your surgeon will make your nasal surgery incision inside the nostrils. In contrast, during a closed approach, your physician will make the incision on the skin between your nostrils, which allows him or her to lift flaps of your skin in order to adjust the shape and size of the nasal bone and/or cartilage. In some severe cases, cartilage may be extracted from a patient’s rib or ear because the extra support can help provide much needed structure to the reconstruction.

Additionally, our surgeons at My Houston Surgeons are experienced in performing a septoplasty procedure in conjunction with nasal reconstruction in order to repair deviated septums and also perform turbinate reductions. This procedure is used to provide a pleasing nasal appearance and also correct any breathing difficulty the patient may have.

Benefits of Rhinoplasty

The procedure can:

  • Correct nasal breathing problems
  • Modify the shape of the nasal pyramid
  • Improve the overall symmetry of the face
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after case
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Recovery after Rhinoplasty

Most patients see improved nasal breathing immediately after the procedure. Additionally, while some patients may experience swelling and minimal bruising underneath their eyes, this typically dissipates within a few days.

Lastly, our surgeons ask their patients to wear a surgical split after their procedure to maintain the shape and functionality of their nose post-op. Finally, for the open approach, patient sutures across the columella will be removed in approximately five to six days, while for the closed approach, the sutures on the inside of the nose will dissolve in approximately one week.

For additional questions, please read visit our blog section to read more about everything you need to know for this coveted procedure. Above all, our surgeons are committed to providing our nasal reconstruction patients with excellence in treatment and compassion in care.

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