PAP Flap Breast Reconstruction

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One of the more attractive techniques is the Profound Artery Perforator (PAP) Flap, which uses the fat located in the back on the thigh. The PAP Flap technique provides exceptional amounts of fat for breast reconstruction, even in the extremely thin, leaving patients with an excellent breast shape. Plus the scar is very easily hidden and barely noticeable. Additionally, patients undergoing this procedure end with thinner thighs, often considered a very attractive feature.

Who is a Candidate for PAP Flap Breast Reconstruction?

As there are many types of breast reconstruction, the only way to know which option is right for you is to consult with your physician. They will use your medical history and a physical exam to determine if you are a good candidate for a PAP flap procedure, and if not, they can recommend another reconstruction option better suited for you.

This is also an excellent technique for patients who had undergone procedures at other institutions with poor or non-satisfactory results, such as patients with prior radiation or multiple implant failures.

The PAP Flap Breast Reconstruction Procedure

This procedure can be performed either immediately after a mastectomy or in a delayed fashion. During the procedure, the surgeon removes a portion of tissue and blood vessels from the back of the patient’s thigh and reconstructs it into a soft and supple breast. Because this technique uses the patient’s own skin and tissue, the resulting breasts are often completely natural looking and are sometimes even perkier than before. Additionally, our surgeons are exceptionally skilled at leaving small incisions, and placing them within the incision site to ensure they are as hidden as possible.

Additionally, with the PAP flap no leg muscle is removed, hence the patient will only experience a minor discomfort and can return to a normal routine within three to four weeks, resuming light activities in two weeks and full activities in three to four weeks. Like the DIEP flap, the average length of hospital stay for the PAP flap is two days.

Only a history and physical exam is necessary to determine if you are a candidate for the PAP flap for breast reconstruction. Please feel free to call the office in order to schedule an appointment for evaluation of PAP flap breast reconstruction.

Benefits of PAP Flap Breast Reconstruction

The procedure can provide:

  • Rebuilt breasts after mastectomy
  • Natural looking and feeling breasts
  • Restored femininity and sexuality

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