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Are you suffering from hair loss? Hair loss affects up to 70% of men and 40% of women. At My Houston Surgeons, our board-certified and board-eligible Plastic and Reconstructive surgeons have multiple options to treat hair loss.

Technology has changed. So have your hair restoration options. New hair no stitches.

Will I Benefit From Hair Restoration Surgery?

Ideal candidates for Hair Restoration surgery have the following:

  • Male pattern baldness
  • Female pattern baldness
  • Hair loss secondary to traumatic scars
  • Missing or thinning eyebrows
  • Hair loss secondary to cosmetic surgery

NeoGraft® Non-Invasive Hair Restoration

An in-office treatment option is NeoGraft®. With this hair restoration process there is no linear scar, minimal downtime, a natural hairline, and a quick recovery process. Please watch the video to learn more or visit the NeoGraft page on our website.

Hair Restoration Medications

There are a variety of medications designed to treat hair loss. Popular options for hair restoration treatment include Propecia® (for men only) and ROGAINE® (for both women and men). For some these medications are all that are needed, but the efficacy of these medications often varies from one person to another. In conjunction with hair restoration surgery, some of these medications can be effective in slowing, stabilizing, and/or preventing hair loss.

Surgical Hair Restoration

When other options are no longer available or less than desirable results are achieved with non invasive methods, using your own hair to restore areas of hair loss can provide a natural result. Our doctors restoration process designs a natural hairline with effective long term results.

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