What Makes Smartlipo Triplex Unique?

May 1st, 2018 | Body - Surgical

Is there a safe way to remove fat in targeted areas, without having major surgery? The answer is a loud and audible yes! One of the leading plastic surgery practices in Houston, Texas, My Houston Surgeons offers the latest advancement in high definition body contouring through Smartlipo Triplex TM. Smartlipo Triplex TM is a great treatment to consider if you want a safe, simple body contouring option. You can reshape your body using the latest advancements in fat loss technology.

Sometimes, conventional weight loss measures aren’t effective in reducing fat in resistant areas of the body. Excess fat can be broken down using a laser lipolysis system, helping you achieve the body that you desire.

Smartlipo Triplex vs. Traditional Liposuction

What is the difference choosing Smartlipo Triplex instead of traditional liposuction? There are advantages and disadvantages to both treatments. It is important that you schedule a consultation with a trusted doctor for personalized recommendations.

Traditional liposuction is a surgical treatment that is done under general anesthesia. The risk of complications and cost are usually higher due to the anesthesia. Liposuction is an in-patient procedure.

In comparison, you are awake when Smartlipo Triplex is performed. A local anesthetic is used to ensure that you are comfortable during the outpatient laser treatment. The procedure only requires small incisions, making it a safer, minimally invasive solution. The incisions are so small that the long-term scars are hardly visible.

Skin Tightening, Fat Melting Results

During a Smartlipo Triplex treatment, the fat cells are liquefied before they are suctioned out, helping to decrease the risk of irregularities in the contouring. Most people find that they experience a smooth skin surface from this treatment.

Also, the laser helps to cauterize small capillaries, reducing the bleeding and bruising. As a result, recovery time is faster, and patients experience less pain. Skin sagginess is reduced, giving patients a tight appearance without the loose skin. Collagen fibers are stimulated by the treatment, helping to tighten up the affected area.

Complications from Smartlipo are minimized due to top-notch technology designed to optimize results while protecting your safety. These features include SmartSense, ThermaGuide, and ThermaView delivery systems.

Is Smartlipo Triplex Right for You?

If you want to enjoy these benefits, then you need to schedule a consultation to see if you are a good candidate. This option is most effective for men and women who aren’t significantly overweight. The procedure is beneficial to remove fat deposits in targeted areas of the body.

A one-on-one consultation is a perfect opportunity for you to find answers to your questions. You can evaluate the many cosmetic procedures that are offered. We can work together to customize your plan in a way that fits your goals.

To get started, please visit our online booking page to schedule a consultation with one of our experienced doctors. For more information on each surgeon please click on individual names to see their scope of expertise. It matters where you go.