How Dr. Boutros Restores a Woman’s Breast Through DIEP Flap Surgery

April 13th, 2019 | Breast

Dr. Boutros believes that compassion of care begets excellence in treatment. This philosophy is applied to the scope of expertise, making sure that all patients feel supported and taken care of. Among those is the Deep Inferior Epigastric Perforator (DIEP) Flap Surgery, a restorative surgical procedure, where Dr. Boutros provides the most current advancements in plastic surgery to women who have experienced breast cancer. The benefits include rebuilding the breast after mastectomy, having a natural looking/feeling breast, and a restored sense of feminity.


DIEP flap breast surgery involves using the patient’s own skin as part of the reconstructive process. In an effort to maximize excellent cosmetic results, it’s ideal that patients have no prior history of tummy tucks or abdominal hernia repair.  However, Dr. Boutros evaluates each patient individually and determines whether they are a candidate based on all of their medical history inclusive of previous abdominal procedures.


The process of the DIEP breast reconstruction involves using the patient’s abdominal skin and fat to reconstruct the breast.  The patient receives a “tummy tuck” resulting in a flatter, tighter abdomen and the fat, skin, and vessels are used to reconstruct the breasts.  Patients will notice the autologous breast as not only feeling natural but looking supple, fuller, and perkier.


As the procedure does not move any of the muscles, patients are left with almost no complications. Patients can expect an average length of stay of about 2 days, with little to no narcotics for pain management. This means a lower risk of hospital-acquired infections, but also a quicker turnaround back home. There is minimal blood loss, meaning there is no need for any blood transfusions.


My Houston Surgeons believes in the patient’s integrity and clarity. That’s why all patients have access to a photograph of the flap indicating that the surgeons did not remove any muscle. This is a protocol to give patients peace of mind that the procedure performed was indeed a DIEP flap surgery, and not a Transverse Rectus Abdominus Muscle (TRAM) flap surgery.  The latter is at the time performed under the patient’s assumption of a DIEP, which can leave the patients with a weak spot in the abdominal musculature, and a prospect of bulging and pain. Another reassurance given to the patient is that no rib(s) are removed during the procedure, which is a common practice of DIEP flap when performed by other surgeons. This can lead to long term pain and deformity of the chest.

Dr. Boutros is a leader in DIEP flap breast reconstruction, publishing numerous papers both on the national and international level. Not only has he personally performed over 2,300 procedures, he has one of the highest success rates amongst any surgeons worldwide. Put your trust in Dr. Boutros and the staff at My Houston Surgeons. They’re ready to support your needs and tend to your care.