Breast Augmentation Surgery and 9 Busting Myths

August 22nd, 2017 | Breast

Breast augmentation surgery is the most common cosmetic surgery procedure according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS). As popularity increases, so do a number of myths. These myths are not only untrue but hurt the perception of plastic surgery as a whole. We are sure you have heard a couple before, but can you spot which ones are completely false? Read on to see the many popular myths of breast augmentation.

MYTH 1: “My breasts will look fake after breast augmentation”

Evolved techniques make it nearly impossible to tell the difference between natural breasts and enhanced breasts. No one patients’ body is the same! Any enhancement performed will be tailored specifically to that individual. Some factors that a surgeon consider include a patient’s profile, placement, and measurements. Today, the results of breast augmentation are more natural than ever.

MYTH 2: “My breasts will feel fake after breast augmentation”

Modern advances have led to the development of implant materials that feel extremely similar to natural breast tissue. Placing them beneath the chest muscle, and taking measures to prevent scar tissue build-up, helps keep implants soft. There are some misconceptions about implant placement too. Some doctors suggest under, while others recommend over the muscle, either way, it really depends on the patient’s anatomy. To read more on that topic: RealSelf has the answers.

MYTH 3: “I’ll have no breast sensation after getting implants”

Some women do experience temporary loss of nipple sensation after breast implant surgery; however, as the nerves heal and adjust to the new breast size, nipple sensation returns over the course of a few months. It’s very rare to permanently lose all nipple sensation.

MYTH 4: “I can’t breastfeed if I get implants”

This is one of the biggest myths about breast augmentation. Just because you’ve had a breast augmentation surgery doesn’t mean you can’t still breastfeed your children. That being said, certain augmentation methods may make breastfeeding easier than others.

MYTH 5: “I’ll have to replace my implants often”

Implants do not need to be replaced unless a problem occurs. Many patients have had implants for 20+ years which continue to be soft and natural looking. With the saline filled implants currently used for patients desiring larger breasts, the most common problem is leakage. While this is not dangerous, the failed implant must be surgically replaced.

MYTH 6: “Saline implants are better to get than silicone gel implants”

Saline implants are no better or worse than silicone. Silicone implants tend to feel soft and supple like natural breast tissue. Saline implants are firmer; they do not feel as natural and tend to ripple more than silicone.  Ruptures of saline implants are much more common and absorb 1% per implant per year.  Rupture of either type implant is rare, but the salt water in Saline implants is completely safe for the body.  Silicone implants do need to be removed right away if they leak, but having an MRI every two to three years can help detect any “silent ruptures”.

MYTH 7: “Breast augmentation surgery results are visible immediately”

During breast augmentation surgery, the muscles react by tightening, which causes the resting position to be a little higher than normal. The chest tissue may look a little swollen. Depending on the patient, true results are visible approximately 8-12 weeks after surgery. By this time, swelling completely subsides and the breasts settle into a more natural position. For this reason, we recommend that patients plan their breast augmentation procedure well in advance of a major event like a wedding, pageant, milestone reunion or other special occasions.

MYTH 8: “Recovery from breast augmentation will be long and painful”

As with any surgical procedure, your incisions and surrounding muscles may be sore for a short while after your breast augmentation surgery. However, this pain and soreness is manageable with medication and decreases within one to two weeks of the procedure.

MYTH 9: “Any cosmetic surgeon can perform breast augmentation surgery”

Almost any well-trained cosmetic surgeon can place implants in a breast; but it takes a skilled cosmetic surgeon, with years of training, to obtain natural and long-lasting results. Some physicians claim to be “specialists” in a particular field; however, this is not the same as being board certified. Each of our doctors, at MHS, are guaranteed to provide you with the best possible care. With years of experience, you can be confident you are receiving the best-tailored approach to achieving the look you desire.

So what can a breast augmentation do? 

    • Enhance the contour of a small breast
    • Restore lost volume related to weight loss or pregnancy
    • Achieve better symmetry for disproportionate sizes and shapes
    • Improve the feel of breasts that have lost firmness over time
    • Provide the foundation for breast contour following cancer removal
    • Correct congenitally disfigured, asymmetric or injured breasts

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