5 Types of Facelift Procedures for Facial Rejuvenation

November 28th, 2016 | Face - Surgical

Facelift Procedures: While having a face that launched a thousand ships happens only in Greek mythology, you can have a face that has fewer wrinkles or crow’s feet at the tender young age of 60 or older.

Technological advancement in the field of cosmetic dermatology has allowed the reversing of the signs of aging possible and within reach. Now, anyone can say bye-bye to a facial appearance that looks perpetually tired, haggard or worn out through a facelift surgery.

It’s an aesthetic procedure that can rejuvenate the face, tighten the facial muscles, improve the contours of the face as well as tightening loose skin, especially in the neck and the middle face. Because each individual is unique, there are different types of facelift procedures that best meet the specific conditions of the patient and these are:

  • Skin-Only Lifts

Also known as mini facelift, this type of procedure focuses mainly on lifting the skin layer with its fatty tissue without including the facial muscles. While this procedure can be offered to patients in different age groups, the skin-only facelift is usually given to younger patients who have already developed early signs of aging, like those who are in their late 30s or early 40s.

  • Composite lift

This surgical technique lifts the entire facial skin along with its deeper tissues. It basically elevates the entire face, including the skin around the eyes, the eyebrows, the cheek bags as well as the middle and lower areas of the face. This is commonly performed on older patients who want total facial rejuvenation. The recovery time is long, though.

  • Dual-Plane Face Lifts

This type of facial rejuvenation procedure is performed by lifting the skin separately from the deeper facial tissues.

  • Short Scar Face Lift

This surgical procedure for the face is performed to lift the lower and central areas of the face through a small scar. Short-scar facelift is also used to rejuvenate the skin in the neck area. This facial surgery is perfect for those who have moderate excess skin but don’t need a major workup. It’s also ideal for patients who want minimize facial scars post-surgery.

  • Subperiosteal Lifts

This type of facial surgery is performed at the face’s deepest layers by pulling up the soft tissues from the cheekbone. In other words, it addresses the aging issues found in the cheeks. This procedure is done using an endoscope and has a longer recovery period.

The techniques and incisions differ in each type, but they do attain one goal: facial rejuvenation. That said, if you don’t know which type of facelift surgery is right for you, it’s best that you consult with one of the experienced surgeons at My Houston Surgeons. After a thorough evaluation, we will be able to recommend the best type of facelift that will meet your desired results.