Women’s History Month: Meet the Women of My Houston Surgeons

March 23rd, 2019 | News

Walking into a doctor’s office is not easy. What are the chances that you’ll walk into a surgeon’s office feeling hopeful? What are the chances that the surgeon’s office is a place for you to receive good news? These tough questions are what keep you feeling optimistic about your surgery. That’s an important aspect of the patient-doctor relationship: learning to feel comfortable in an atmosphere of vulnerability. One way to feel more comfortable is to know you’re sitting across from someone who is experienced in their field.

That’s why it’s important to highlight Women’s History Month here at My Houston Surgeons. It’s not just to respect that it was a woman who won the Nobel Prize for discovering the way sugars are deconstructed in the body to store energy. Or that it was a woman who pioneered the way we understand, and treat end-of-life care. Or that it was a woman who figured out how to chart and chronicle childhood cancers. These are important reminders of the past, and they’re also signals of the future. That’s why we’re highlighting the educated, hard-working women of My Houston Surgeons.

Dr. Rukmini Rednam, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon

Meet Dr. Rednam. A Doctorate of Medicine in the top 25 percent of her class, she’s earned a reputation as one of the top professionals in the field of breast reconstruction and body contouring. Board certified as a plastic surgeon in the Woodlands and Houston area, Dr. Rednam is qualified for plastic surgery of all types with an emphasis on body reconstruction after weight loss. In her own words, “I strive to create an environment built on trust and compassion where patients feel open and relaxed during their preoperative, surgical and postoperative care. Plastic surgery is a multifaceted specialty and requires a great deal of attention to the smallest of details for the best results.”

Dr. Sanaz Harirchian, Facial Plastic Surgeon and Rhinoplasty

Meet Dr. Harirchian. Double board certified, she is one of the top professionals in her field when it comes to cosmetic and reconstructive techniques involving facial surgery. Sometimes something as simple as the structure of your face can have unintended consequences. That’s what makes Dr. Harirchian unique. She works with a special emphasis in rhinoplasty, allowing people with breathing problems to appreciate the air again. In her own words, “trusting a surgeon with your face is a big decision and I consider it a privilege and a responsibility to be the best doctor to each and every one of my patients. I take pride in providing the highest quality care and will go above and beyond to take care of my patients every step of the process.”