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The Skinuva® line of Growth Factor-based products was developed by a plastic and reconstructive surgeon dedicated to optimizing wound-healing, hyperpigmentation and other skin issues. Highly selective Growth Factors have been integrated into an advanced proprietary formulation to mimic the healing that prevents scarring in fetal tissue, creating one of the most advanced topical scar creams available. These growth factors are incorporated into Skinuva with a silicone cream matrix that further helps to optimize post-operative aesthetics and minimizes post-operative scar visibility.

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Skinuva® Scar 1.0oz

Support the production of new collagen and elastin with Regenerating Skin Nectar, an advanced formula intended to prepare the skin for laser, IPL, microneedling treatments, and chemical peels. This nourishing nectar is also ideal as a post-procedure recovery aid due to the inclusion of the proprietary TriHex Technology that is clinically-proven to strengthen and support the skin’s natural healing capabilities as well as remove damaged collagen and elastin. Soothe vulnerable post-procedure skin while speeding up overall healing and recovery time with Regenerating Skin Nectar.

Skinuva® Scar 1.7oz

This 1.7 oz bottle of patented scar therapy was designed by physicians to improve the appearance of scars. With a formula that includes highly selective Growth Factors within a silicone cream matrix, Skinuva Scar is clinically proven to improve the appearance of scars two times better than topical silicone scar treatments.

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