Forehead Contouring: The Ins and Outs

April 3rd, 2019 | Face - Surgical

Facial contouring is a facial feminization procedure growing in popularity in the US. Some patients feel that their hairline sits too high on their forehead, that their eyebrow sits too low, that they have a prominent brow bone or a combination of the three. The surgeons at  My Houston Surgeons are leaders in cosmetic contouring to handle any aesthetic request of forehead contouring.

Hairline Advancement

The goal of forehead reduction is to bring a balanced appearance to patients, and ultimately create a rounder shaped face. If the patient’s focus is on their hairline, My Houston Surgeons surgeons offer soft tissue and scalp surgery. With the Hairline Advancement procedure, surgeons start with making an incision at the hairline. This loosens the scalp, which is then brought forward. If earlier conversations revealed a patient’s concern with their brow resting too low, the surgeon can also lift the forehead. Doing this will not only bring a feminine appearance but will also make the patients eyes look slightly larger and more rejuvenated.

Brow Bone Reduction

Patients may experience their brow bone as being large, and prominent, which may bring with it a more masculine look. Craniofacial and plastic surgeons apply two different techniques in this case. The surgeon would start with lifting the forehead skin, similar to a hairline advancement, but would either shave the brow bone or reset the bone. At times a patient may require both shaving and resetting, which is something that can be performed at the same time. Additionally, if the patient is seeking a hair transplant, My Houston Surgeons plastic surgeon can perform a brow bone reduction in conjunction.

Both procedures will undoubtedly give the patient’s face a slimmer, more contoured, and feminine appearance.