I’m tired of looking tired: Can Botox® Help?

January 2nd, 2017 | Injectables and Fillers

Can Botox® Help? On your way out to work, you step in front of the mirror to check yourself, but gasp! – you look tired and drawn even before you start your day! Having a tired, worn appearance is not unusual for those who are under a lot of stress, have insomnia issues, or other frequent nocturnal interruptions such as a newborn, or have a hectic schedule that doesn’t allow for proper rest. But if you feel that you get plenty of rest, have a manageable amount of stress, and still always look tired, sleepy and worn, you may have started to wonder what types of cosmetic enhancements can help refresh your look.

Well, you’re in luck because Botox®, when done right, can help perk up your appearance.

Botox® at a Glance

Botox® is a FDA-approved injectable treatment that relaxes muscles just under the skin, allowing them to soften crow’s feet and other facial wrinkles. Botox® is safe to use and generally lasts from three to six months. Effects can last longer, depending on a number of units used during the procedure.

Benefits of Getting Botox®

As Botox® is known to be a less invasive procedure, it is the preferred choice for many patients who would like to achieve a refreshed appearance without undergoing plastic surgery.

Surprisingly, Botox® offers more benefits than just erasing wrinkles of the face. Here are three additional benefits that this cosmetic treatment offers:

It lifts the brows. One of the signs of aging that makes people over 40 look tired is droopy brows. There is plenty of evidence that shows Botox® can work to lift the brow line so the face looks vibrant and less tired.

It doesn’t need downtime. For busy people, asking for downtime is counterproductive. Botox® injection is a perfect option for individuals who can’t take a long pause from work to recover from a drastic surgery.

It prevents wrinkles from becoming permanent fixtures. Botox® injections work by relaxing the muscles, and this helps prevent lines from becoming permanent creases. This is particularly helpful if you constantly knit your brows whenever you’re deep in thought, or if you squint your eyes often.

If you feel more confident with a face that looks radiant, lively and refreshed, then a trip to see Dr. Boutros at My Houston Surgeons can correct your tired looking facial appearance with Botox.