I’m Interested in changing the shape of my chin. What Should I Know about Chin Augmentation?

August 22nd, 2016 | Face - Surgical

Chin Augmentation : Are you considering changing the shape of your chin, otherwise known as genioplasty?  You might be interested in it because you have a bone structure that is too big, and causes an overly prominent chin, or because your chin is too small, causing a receding chin. If you are unhappy with the shape or size of your chin, then there are a few things you should know before undergoing a genioplasty.

It Can Enhance Your Facial Balance

What if my chin is too small?

A weak or receding chin can throw your entire facial aesthetic off-balance. A receding chin can make a long nose look even longer and make your cheeks seem flatter and thinner. When it comes to men, weaker chins might make them look less masculine and athletic.

A strong chin can give you a sleeker, more attractive neck contour, and make your features seem sharper and more attractive.

                What if my chin is too big?

If your chin is too prominent, then it might distract from your other beautiful features. A surgical procedure to reduce a bony chin can make your features more balanced and proportional to your face.

Your surgeon will usually evaluate your chin by taking pictures from a lateral and frontal view. Then you can see a digital model to see the kinds of improvements they can make.

How Chin Enhancement Works

Chin enhancements are usually done by inserting an implant, usually made out of silicone. Each implant has customized shape for whatever changes the patient needs. For women, a smaller implant is usually preferred to avoid creating an over-prominent chin.

Another option is to alter the bony structure through surgery.  In this procedure, the bone of your chin is advanced forward and fixed to a more prominent position.

A discussion with your plastic surgeon can help you decide which option is best for you.

How Chin Reduction Works

Your surgeon will reduce your chin’s size by surgically contouring the bone down until it’s a size more proportional to your face. If it’s necessary, your surgeon will shape your chin even further by removing extra fat and skin.

It Can Be Done with Other Procedures

Because facial balance is the name of the game, chin augmentation can be done concurrently with other procedures like rhinoplasty or cheek augmentation. The goal is to get facial features that complement each other so that your procedure has the most natural-looking results possible.

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