Feminine Tightness and Sensation Restored with Geneveve by Viveve

August 10th, 2018 | Body - Surgical

As women age, our bodies cannot always keep up with collagen and elastin production as it did when we were younger. As a result, we can experience a loss of sensation, tightness, sexual satisfaction, or even our ability to control our urine. These symptoms can be embarrassing and inconvenient, especially for women who continue to lead active lifestyles.

Many patients frustrated with these symptoms often turn to kegel exercises, vaginal tightening creams or other treatment options, but see little results. Fortunately, patients struggling with loss of sensation or urinary incontinence can save time and effort at My Houston Surgeons, as we now offer a comfortable and safe treatment to help stimulate the body’s natural collagen and elastin formation process.

What is Geneveve by Viveve?

Geneveve by Viveve Medical is a safe and convenient single-session, in-office treatment that takes only thirty minutes. During this process, Geneveve uses gentle deep-heating and surface cooling to trigger the body’s natural collagen formation process. During the procedure, a small treatment tip is inserted just inside the vaginal opening. The tip is rotated as it cools the surface tissue above and heats the soft tissue underneath.

In this thirty-minute treatment, the body replenishes lost collagen and elastin, giving patients the returned sensation and tightness they desire. Additionally, this boost of collagen gives patients who were struggling with urinary incontinence back the control and freedom of their youth.

Who is a Good Candidate?

Though kegel exercises are a popular treatment for vaginal laxity, those experiencing a significant loss of elastin and collagen typically do not see results with these exercises alone. Additionally, vaginal tightening creams and other exercise devices provide only minimal short-term relief, as they do not target the root of the problem: collagen and elastin production. A lack of results with these methods can be frustrating, but at My Houston Surgeons, we can give you back your vaginal tightness and sensation with a single Geneveve procedure.

Patients who are experiencing the following symptoms are great candidates for Geneveve’s quick and natural treatment, and should consult a physician at My Houston Surgeons to learn more:

  • Tampons fall out easily, or do not fit as snugly as they once did
  • Your vagina feels loose or lacks sensation during intercourse
  • Orgasm is more difficult to achieve than it used to be
  • You struggle to control your urine


Geneveve places just the right amount of collagen in the vaginal opening, allowing women to return immediately to daily activity, with the tightness and urinary control of their youth. Most women feel results after about thirty days, seeing peak results at ninety days.

In Geneveve’s first clinical trials, 90% of women treated reported statistically significant tightening and sensation 12 months post-procedure. Additionally, in a recent follow up published by Viveve Medical in June 2018, 73% of women treated saw a reduction in stress urinary incontinence.