Breast Augmentation Recovery—What You Need to Know

May 26th, 2016 | Breast

Are you getting ready for breast augmentation? Do you have questions about the recovery process? One of the best ways to ensure a successful recovery period is to plan ahead. This guide will answer some common questions, but don’t forget to talk with your plastic surgeon, too. He or she can provide customized advice about what to expect from your recovery and how best to prepare.

How Many Days Will I Need Off from Work After Breast Augmentation?

Recovery is different for every patient, but most women take about a week off from work and avoid strenuous activities for 2-6 weeks. This can vary substantially depending on your health, size of the implants, and the surgical techniques used. Give yourself plenty of time to heal to ensure the best possible results from your surgery.

What Can I Do to Prepare for My Breast Augmentation Surgery?

A little preparation can go a long way in making your breast augmentation recovery easier. Here are a few simple things you can do before surgery for a smoother recovery period.

  • Prepare Your House– You’ll be down for a bit after your surgery, so prepare your house to ensure you have everything you need. Give yourself time to heal without worrying about household chores.
  • Stock the Fridge– You’ll want some easy-to-prepare foods and drinks on hand after your surgery. Some patients feel nauseous right after surgery, so choose some foods that are gentle on the tummy. Many patients enjoy using straws to drink after surgery since lifting the arms can be a bit uncomfortable.
  • Fill Your Prescriptions– Your surgeon may provide you with prescriptions for antibiotics or painkillers. It can be helpful to fill your prescriptions in advance so your medications are ready and waiting right after surgery.
  • Arrange for Help– You’ll need some help from family and friends to make your surgery a success. Arrange for someone to pick you up after surgery and take you home (you won’t be able to drive). Someone should also stay with you for the first day or two to help with medication, getting around, chores, etc.

What Should I Expect from My Breast Augmentation Recovery?

You may experience some tenderness, tightness, swelling, mild muscle spasms and bruising after breast augmentation, especially in the first few days. Your surgeon will provide pain medication as needed to help you stay comfortable throughout the recovery process.

Rest is the key to a successful recovery. Get plenty of sleep and give your body time to heal. We encourage patients to walk and move around as they are able, but to avoid strenuous activities until they get the go-ahead from their surgeon.

Your new breasts are almost here! Call and schedule your breast augmentation consultation today.