Botox Maintenance: How Often Should You Get Botox?

January 26th, 2017 | Injectables and Fillers

Botox Maintenance: Are deep wrinkles and fine lines starting to make you feel old? Do they distract you each time you look at yourself in the mirror? If you answer ‘yes’ to any of these questions, you’re probably now ready for Botox.

For years, Botox remains to be one of the go-to anti-aging treatments. Even at My Houston Surgeons, both men and women come in for Botox Treatments. That is how popular and effective it is in restoring a youthful appearance to the face.

How Botox Treatment Works

Before we delve into the “how often” you should get Botox, it’s best to understand how the treatment works.

Each time you raise an eyebrow, smile, or cry, the muscles underneath your face contract. These muscular contractions allow you to form different facial expressions, physically revealing your inner emotions. Sadly, these contractions also make wrinkles more visible. Over time, the wrinkles and fine lines become permanent fixtures in the face.

This is where Botox comes into play. A Botox injection contains substances that block the nerves from sending a message to the facial muscles to prevent them from contracting. The results are softer and more relaxed wrinkles and less visible fine lines.

How Often Should You Get Treatments

While Botox can temporarily block the nerve communication, the effects are not permanent. As months go by after getting the treatment, you’ll start to notice the old facial wrinkles returning. With regular treatment, however, the wrinkles will become less pronounced.

One aspect that affects the results of your Botox treatment is how many units are used. If a smaller amount is injected into the target area, the results will wear off quickly. This explains why it’s always best to consult with a board-certified and board-eligible plastic surgeon as the doctor can recommend the appropriate dosage for the target areas.

During your initial treatment, your surgeon will start you with a low dose to see how well the treatment works on you. If the response is positive, your surgeon may increase the dosage.

Long-Term Treatment Strategy (Botox Maintenance)

Typically, the effects of Botox last for up to three to four months. Therefore, the recommended treatment is once every three to four months. Nonetheless, if your facial muscles begin to train themselves to contract less, the period of time for each treatment may be extended longer than three or four months. For this reason, it’s essential to work with a surgeon in order to create a customized treatment plan.

Botox injections are safe for continued use, on a condition that the surgeon administering the treatment is board certified and experienced. If you’re considering this treatment, we encourage you to consult with our skilled physicians at My Houston Surgeons. Book an appointment today.