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Women’s History Month: Meet the Women of My Houston Surgeons

Walking into a doctor’s office is not easy. What are the chances that you’ll walk into a surgeon’s office feeling hopeful? What are the chances that the surgeon’s office is a place for you to receive good news? These tough questions are what keep you feeling optimistic about your surgery. That’s an important aspect of the patient-doctor relationship: learning to feel comfortable in an atmosphere of vulnerability. One way to feel more comfortable is to know you’re sitting across from someone who is experienced in their field. That’s why it’s...

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What it Means to Be Board Certified

Picking a doctor is one of the most important decisions we can make. This is someone who will counsel, advise, identify, and treat everything that changes, improves, and diminishes in your body. It’s important that we can make an informed decision. But it’s just as important for us to feel comfortable with who we choose. Maybe we choose them because they share something in common with us. No matter what we’re looking for in a doctor, it’s important that above all else, they are qualified, and that means being board certified.   What Board...

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Look Your Best with Last Minute Procedures before the Holidays

Look Your Best with Last Minute Procedures before the Holidays The holidays are rapidly approaching, meaning many are looking forward to holiday parties with family and friends. This late in the year, many patients are looking for temporary quick enhancements with short recovery times, rather than permanent adjustments that take time to heal. Fortunately, in just a few short days, you can look younger and more refreshed at your holiday gatherings with these procedures. Botox There’s a good reason why Botox Cosmetic is the most popular...

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