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Nipple Reconstruction

After breast reconstruction, patients have the option to reconstruct their nipples. While this is a personally choice for many patients, and some choose to forgo nipple reconstruction, many others have said nipple reconstruction has helped them feel more feminine and gain back their sense of sexuality.

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To qualify to have your nipples reconstructed, you must wait at least three to four months following breast reconstruction. This ensures that your new breasts have time to recover from surgery before undergoing another one. Additionally, for patients that need more time to decide, nipples can be constructed later on down the road as well.

Every patient has their own unique needs and desires following a mastectomy. The only way to know what procedures would be best for you is to consult with your plastic surgeon.

During reconstruction, patients are typically placed under local anesthetic. In some cases, patients receive reconstruction under general anesthesia or IV sedation. This simply depends on the patients and the extent of their procedure. Nipple reconstruction is performed as an outpatient procedure, which allows patients to return home the same day. It usually takes one hour or less.

Preceding surgery, our surgeons mark each patient’s breasts where the nipple will be reconstructed. Most often, they are reconstructed using the skin surrounding the placement location. They make small incisions around the placement site, shaping and elevating the tissue into a natural skin projection. The goal is that this small elevation of tissue mimics the natural look and feel of a nipple.

On some occasions, our surgeons inject a dermal matrix into the nipple so it doesn’t flatten after recovery. Patients can also choose to get a nipple tattoo after three months. The 3D tattoos mimic a natural nipple’s color depth and texture.

Benefits of Nipple Reconstruction

The procedure can:

  • Give patients a returned sense of femininity and sexuality

  • Provide a more natural-looking breast reconstruction result

  • Help provide symmetry between a natural breast and reconstructed breast

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Following nipple reconstruction, our surgeon will place a cover over the new nipple. This cover is filled with antibacterial ointment which will protect it while it heals. Some patients experience nipple tenderness or soreness following surgery, but this often goes away after about a week.

Each patient is given specific instructions regarding their recovery. Right after reconstruction, the new nipple may look larger or more projected than normal; however, once the stiches are removed, it will look more natural and symmetrical.

Quality Patient Care

Our surgeons along with the supporting staff at the practice provides full support and care for patients right from their initial consultation stage through recovery.

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