Staged Fat Grafting

What is Staged Fat Grafting?

Some patients require more volume that can be obtained with a single flap, but do not want the additional scars associated with a Stacked flap, such as addition surgery sites. Also many patients do not want placement of a small implant underneath the flap. For these patients, staged fat grafting is typically used. With this type of procedure, the initial autologous-tissue flap functions as a breast mound. This flap will then server as a matrix for autologous fat grafting, which can be performed in stages. Between one and three stages can be performed improving the volume of the breast with small outpatient procedures that typically have almost no recovery.

Only careful future physical examinations can determine if you are a candidate for a flap with stage fat grafting for breast reconstruction. Please contact the plastic and facial surgery office to make an appointment to see if you are a candidate for this technique.