Breast Reconstruction

Breast reconstruction is a general term used to describe the surgical technique used to rebuild the breast. This can refer to rebuilding the breast after mastectomy, which is the most common time or building the breast due to birth defects or posttraumatic defects. The science of breast reconstruction has evolved over time. Our goal is to allow the patient to make the best choices as they can about their breast cancer, and do so with complete confidence but they will still look and feel like themselves.

Surgeons at Houston Plastic & Craniofacial Surgery recognize that breast cancer takes so much. Along the cancer journey, patients lose time, sleep, tears, and security. Through reconstruction, patients can avoid losing their self-image, self-confidence, femininity, sexuality, or self-esteem.

Breast reconstruction has been shown in numerous studies to not only improve one’s self-esteem and sexuality after surgery but also to provide that silver lining to the otherwise dark cloud. After many years and thousands of patients who undergo breast reconstruction in our hands, our goal is simple. That goal is that when you finish your breast cancer journey, you not only have beaten cancer but when you look in the mirror you see a better and more complete version of yourself.

Different techniques for breast reconstruction include:

Breast Reconstruction

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