Reconstructive surgery is performed to reshape abnormal structures of the body that may have resulted from trauma, accidents, developmental abnormalities, disease or congenital deformities. HPCS provides a wide range of advanced reconstruction procedures including help with facial paralysis, craniofacial problems, cleft lip repair, breast reconstruction, ear reconstruction, hand fractures, and many other reconstructive surgery procedures. You are not a simply diagnosis to us. Our Board-Certified physicians will spend the time it takes to completely understand you as a person, your goals and the best plan forward.

Our surgeons are renowned for their expertise in reconstructive-surgery, and their goal is to provide excellence in treatment with compassionate care.

Reconstructive Surgery for an Improved Appearance and Renewed Confidence

HPCS focuses on offering advanced and innovative plastic and reconstructive surgery procedures for both adults and children. These plastic and reconstructive surgery procedures provide the patient with an improved appearance and renewed confidence.

Advanced technology in reconstructive surgery allows for deformities, such as cleft lip and craniosynostosis, to be corrected. Such procedures allow children to grow up and thrive in society as strong, healthy and confident adults.

Breast reconstruction helps women gain control of their lives, helping them build confidence, improve their self-esteem and bring proportion and feminine contour to their bodies. This cosmetic reconstructive plastic surgery is especially beneficial to women who had their breasts removed for medical reasons, had experienced trauma or have developed breast abnormality during its development stage.

Cleft lip repair, breast reconstruction, and other reconstructive plastic surgery procedures are not only for aesthetic enhancement purposes, but also to improve the patient’s personal and professional life.

Reconstructive Plastic Surgeons at HPCS:

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