Demystifying Sinus Surgery

Demystifying Sinus Surgery: The work of a true sinus expert is made all the more challenging because all the results are hidden from view inside the nose and sinuses. In contrast, if a surgeon did a poor job on a procedure, the results would usually be obvious, and future patients would seek a sinus surgery repair from another surgeon. It’s important to understand that the end game of sinus and nasal surgery goes beyond pure aesthetics or structure; instead, they’re a series of sophisticated procedures meant to restore function to some of the most essential parts of our anatomy.

Sinus and nasal specialists and patients alike don’t have the benefit of that kind of transparency associated with most surgical procedures. It might be some time before a patient realizes that their sinus surgery did not work as intended. For patients who receive substandard sinus surgery and get complications or an ineffective treatment, the consequences could be long-lasting and difficult to spot early.

At Houston Plastic Craniofacial & Sinus Surgery, we’re proud to show each patient their treatment by providing visuals each step of the way. HPCS uses an endoscope, which is a small camera, to give the patient a view of their own nasal cavity and sinuses. Many procedures performed at HPCS are done with the assistance of the endoscope, not only allowing for a greater amount of transparency for each procedure, but often allowing for smaller incisions and a lower level of invasiveness.

Thanks to the years of experience and expertise of our nasal and sinus experts, we’re respected authorities when it comes to revising previous nasal and sinus surgeries. While nasal and sinus surgery are already complicated enough procedures (and not all surgeons are adequately trained to perform them), our surgeons specialize in performing revisions, which require a greater level of training and skill than primary procedures.

For patients who experience persistent problems or complications after previous endoscopic sinus surgery, nasal airway surgery, or balloon sinuplasty, our fellowship-trained sinus surgeons can evaluate the damage and create a plan for repair and restoration.

Because of our subspecialty and focus on such a specific field, HPCS is able to provide the highest level of sinus and nasal care in the Houston community.

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