Smartlipo Triplex

Houston Plastic and Craniofacial Surgery, one of the leading plastic surgery centers in Houston, Texas offers the latest advancement in high definition body contouring, Smartlipo Triplex ™. With this laser lipolysis system from Cynosure, excess fat removal and artistic body contouring are simple and safe.

Our plastic surgeons at Houston Plastic Craniofacial and Sinus surgery are an expert in liposuction surgery and can offer you the desired body contouring results. Utilizing this breakthrough laser lipolysis system, our surgeon treats all body areas troubled by excess fat that is resistant to conventional weight loss measures.

Effective Fat Melting, Proven Skin Tightening

Smartlipo Triplex is a laser workstation with expanded clinical capabilities, which ensures excess fat removal along with skin tightening. It is the first laser workstation that employs triple laser wavelengths 1440, 1064 and 1320nm.

Women and men who are not significantly overweight, but have accumulated fat deposits in targeted areas can benefit from this procedure. Unlike traditional liposuction treatment, with Smartlipo Triplex laser liposuction patients are ensured an athletic, well-defined physique with no sagging skin remaining after fat removal.

Smartlipo Triplex is effective on:

  • Arms
  • Neck, Chin, Jowls
  • Abdomen
  • Chest
  • Back
  • Inner and outer thighs
  • Flanks
  • Buttocks
  • Hips
  • Knees
  • Calves

Why Choose Smartlipo Triplex?

  • Safe, minimally invasive: The procedure involves only tiny incisions, patients recover quickly. Discomfort is minimal.
  • Targets different body areas: This device can treat larger areas of fat accumulation or multiple areas of fatty deposits.
  • Yields good results: It helps men and women achieve a well-defined body.
  • Signs of incisions are hardly visible: Incisions are small and well concealed.
  • Local anesthesia: It is performed under local anesthesia. Therefore major risks and side effects can be avoided.
  • Office-based procedure: It is a safe procedure and can be performed in the surgical suite as an outpatient procedure.
  • Reduced risk and complications: Because of its gentle nature, the procedure significantly reduces bruising and downtime. The device comes equipped with the SmartSense™, ThermaView™ and ThermaGuide™ delivery systems, which ensure greater safety and minimal complications.

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