Earlobe Reduction

The Goal of Earlobe Reduction Surgery

The purpose of an earlobe reduction is to reshape the earlobe into a smaller size.

Earlobe reduction is a quick procedure that helps patients gain a more youthful appearance by reducing the size and drooping of the earlobe. When aging, many people (though typically women) see dangling, elongated and floppy earlobes that can bring the look of the entire face down. This can either be due to age or heavy earring use. An earlobe reduction is a simple procedure that requires only a barely-visible incision and the removal of a small portion of skin. The result is a younger looking appearance as detached lobes can be attached, large and prominent lobes can be made smaller, and elongated lobes can be shorted.

The Procedure

Earlobe reduction is an in-office procedure performed under local anesthetic or numbing medication. Techniques vary by patient, as they depend on the patient’s specific anatomy. If a patient only has extra earlobe tissue, the surgeon will make a small incision along the bottom edge of the earlobe, removing excess skin and repairing the soft tissue within it. For patients with wide earlobes, a surgeon may have to create a wedge-shaped incision to narrow and shorten the overall earlobe. This creates a very small vertical scar.

A few stitches and the trace of the procedure goes unnoticeable. The recovery period is short-lived. Patients are recommend to not wear jewelry for three weeks following the procedure.

The Results

Earlobe reduction is a short procedure (usually taking less than an hour) that erases years of age to the face. After the procedure, the surgeon closes the incision with dissolving sutures, but no bandages are used. The stitches themselves heal in about two weeks, but many patients return to normal daily activity the day after the procedure. Patients with earrings are encouraged to wait at least 3 weeks post-op to wear earrings again, and those wishing to re- pierce their ears after surgery are advised to wait at least 6 weeks post-surgery to do so.  Earlobe reduction gives the patient a more natural appearance and boosts of confidence.


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