Chin Augmentation (Genioplasty)

A receding or prominent chin can wreak havoc with the overall balance of your facial features. Chin augmentation (genioplasty) can correct these issues. An implant or an advancement of the bone can be used to enhance a receding chin. This is a procedure that is popular with both men and women. A prominent chin, on the other hand, is reduced so that it is in better balance with the rest of the face.

This procedure:

  • Enhances chin projection
  • Improves facial proportion

Our team of surgeons have vast experience in performing chin repositioning surgery. This surgical procedure corrects the underlying bone framework and improves the appearance of the chin.
Chin Augmentation

Chin Augmentation Options

Implant surgery

This surgery involves the placement of an implant, most often silicone, in the chin area. The procedure is done only if a small augmentation is necessary and in older patients. The surgeon will choose the right implant that would give excellent results with minimal risk, pain or discomfort.

Bony Chin Surgery

The procedure aims at reducing the size of the chin, and changing the vertical position of the chin. It involves precise cutting of the bone of the chin and moving it to the proper location. The procedure is also recommended for larger advancements that require stability. Though there is more swelling and discomfort with bony surgery, this typically only lasts a few days.

Other than these options, some patients will require soft tissue procedures to further define the result.

Initial Consultation

For better evaluation of the chin, photographs will be taken in both frontal and lateral view. The surgeon will measure and compare the position of the chin and overall dimensions of the face. Based on this measurement, digital morphing of the chin and anticipated changes are proposed and reviewed.

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