Breast Reduction

Breast reduction surgery has one of the highest satisfaction rates of plastic surgery procedures. Women young and old seek out breast-reduction surgery for both the physical as well as emotional pain large breasts can cause.

Am I a candidate for breast reduction surgery?

Ideal candidates are in good health and have realistic expectations. Candidates for this surgery can have any combination of following symptoms:

  • Large breast size
  • Breast asymmetry
  • Upper back and neck pain
  • Difficulty finding comfortable bras
  • Rashes beneath breasts
  • Emotional distress or embarrassment

Breast ReductionEvery woman is different and may present with varying symptoms and reasons for desiring a reduction. Our surgeons understand that many women have to deal with the frustration and physical pain associated with breasts that are just too large for their body. We are here to be supportive and provide a surgical option that will allow us to reduce the breast volume and elevate the position of the breast on the chest wall in order to help reduce or alleviate symptoms while providing an aesthetic result.

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