Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation surgery is one of the most frequently performed and popular cosmetic surgeries in the U.S. Women seek out augmentation for a number of reasons: unhappiness with small breast size, asymmetry, unhappiness with breast shape and general dissatisfaction with their breast to body proportions.

Am I a candidate for breast augmentation surgery?

Ideal candidates are in good health and have realistic expectations. Breast augmentation surgery can provide the following:

  • Larger breast size
  • Improvement in breast symmetry
  • Cleavage
  • Modest breast lift (in some patients)

Every woman is different and has unique desires concerning her body shape and goals. As such our surgeons spend a great deal of time talking to you about your specific goals in order to customize a treatment plan that will help you achieve them. Some patients have significant enough breast droop that an augmentation alone will not give an aesthetically desirable result. In these cases a mastopexy (breast lift) will be recommended along with your augmentation.

What are my options for my augmentation?

During your personalized consultation you will discuss the below options for your augmentation. Together with your surgeon you will both come up with a treatment plan that will best help you reach your ideal breast aesthetic.


  • Transaxillary: an incision is made in the axilla for placement of the implant. This tends to work best for saline implants but can be used for silicone implants as well.
  • Periareolar: An incision is made around the skin of the areola to access the underlying tissues to make a pocket for the implant. This option can work very well for select patients.
  • Inframammary: This is the most common incision used and is hidden under the breast in the naturally occurring fold where the breast meets the chest wall. This type of incision allows for the most direct visualization for implant placement.

Breast Implants

  • Round saline: These implants are inflated after placement and have a thin silicone shell and are filled with saline. These implants are more prone to rippling and may feel less natural in certain patients. This is the only implant available to women under 22 years of age.
  • Round silicone: These implants come prefilled and have a silicone shell that is filled with a thick silicone material. They tend to have a more natural feel and look to them compared to saline.
  • Shaped silicone: These implants come prefilled and like their round counterparts they are filled with a thick silicone material. However they have a tear drop shape and are filled with a denser silicone filling that is form stable. These implants can help achieve a more natural appearing augmentation.

Implant Placement

  • Submuscular: Implant placement is partially below the pectoralis muscle. This may give a more natural appearance in small breasted women, make rippling less noticeable and has a reduced risk of capsular contracture compared to the subglandular placement
  • Subglandular: Implant placement is directly below the breast gland. This method can work well for women desiring augmentation after children and has can have less initial discomfort. However, rippling may be more visible, capsular contractures risk can be higher and there is a greater risk of sagging over time.

FAQ – Breast Surgery and Implants

For more information on breast surgery and implants, view our FAQ for answers to common questions.

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