Botox® is a cosmetic injection that can bring a dramatic difference to your countenance. Its key component is Botulinum toxin type A – a neurotoxin that relaxes stressed or overworked facial muscles that tend to make one look old, tired or dull. The HPCS board-certified plastic surgeons offers this anti-aging treatment at the plastic surgery center in Houston and The Woodlands, Texas. Patients undergoing this procedure benefit from a refreshed, more youthful-looking face.

Botox® Injections

A Great Option to Look Young

Botox® is injected with a fine needle into specific muscles. Dr. Boutros’ knowledge and experience in providing Botox® injections ensure that patients receive customized treatment.

  • Botox® can reduce forehead wrinkles, deep and superficial lines, furrows, and frown lines that appear between the eyebrows, crow’s feet, frown lines, nasolabial folds, and other early signs of aging.
  • The brows can also be temporarily lifted by selective denervation to achieve the results of a brow lift.
  • Considerable improvement in marionette lines can be noticed in the perioral area, if treated along with fillers.
  • This injection can be used for medical purposes, especially to relieve migraine headaches and reduce excessive underarm sweating.

Safe Procedure

FDA-approved Botox® treatment is safe, and easy to administer. When you come for consultation, our surgeon will identify the areas that can be improved with the injections and explain the extent by which these areas may be improved.

  • This treatment takes only a few minutes
  • Doesn’t require anesthesia
  • Performed as an outpatient procedure that is convenient to patients
  • It takes approximately three days to see initial results
  • If any touch-up injections are needed, they are performed at two weeks

An anesthetic cream is applied on the region so that patients experience no pain and remain comfortable throughout.

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