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Vaginal Rejuvenation: Geneveve by viveve

A large side effect of aging is the loss of elasticity and collagen in the skin. These are two components that important to a woman’s vaginal tightness and sensation. The loss of vaginal collagen doesn’t just lead to a loss of tightness, but can also cause urinary incontinence as well. This can quickly diminish a woman’s confidence and quality of life. Our surgeons are passionate about giving women a restored freedom and satisfaction with a simple and effective vaginal rejuvenation treatment – Geneveve by Viveve Medical.

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The Geneveve by Viveve treatment is a comfortable and safe single-session treatment. The procedure is performed in-office and takes about thirty minutes. During the procedure, our surgeons insert the small tip of the vaginal rejuvenation device into the vaginal opening. The device rotates, using deep heating along with surface cooling, to stimulate the body’s natural collagen formation process. This restores tightness and sensation within our patients in just a few weeks. Additionally, this boost of collagen gives women who are struggling with urinary incontinence the control they need to lead a more active, normal lifestyle.

Furthermore, this treatment does not require any anesthesia, eliminating the need for a recovery period. Additionally, the short thirty-minute procedure is performed as an outpatient treatment.

Benefits of Vaginal Rejuvenation

The procedure:

  • Yields good results
  • Has minimal complications
  • Has no recovery time
  • Improves lubrication, tightness, sensation and urinary control


Recovery & Results

The procedure places just the right amount of collagen into patients’ vaginal openings, allowing most women to return immediately to daily activity. Most women feel results after about thirty days post-procedure, seeing peak results at about ninety days.

In Geneveve’s first clinical trials, 90% of women treated reported statistically significant tightening and sensation 12 months post-procedure. Additionally, in a recent follow up published in June 2018, 73% of women who received the treatment saw a reduction in stress urinary incontinence.

Quality Patient Care

Our surgeons along with the supporting staff at the practice provides full support and care for patients right from their initial consultation stage through recovery.

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