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Top Procedures to Help Look Your Best for the Holidays

The holiday season is here, and many people are preparing for family parties and social gatherings. Whether you are planning a cruise with the family between Christmas and New Year’s, or you have a big New Year’s party with friends, you might consider a few cosmetic options to ensure that you look your best. It’s important that you feel comfortable and confident when you step onto the dance floor in that little black dress. If you want to look great during the holiday season, then you might discuss a few options with a plastic surgeon. Some...

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Three Reasons Why Eyelid Surgery is Popular with Men

When it comes to the topic of plastic surgery, most people assume that these treatments are for women. But, don’t overlook the benefits that are available for men as well! In fact, there are popular options that can improve a man’s appearance to boost confidence and self-esteem. As middle-aged men notice changes in their facial features and body, it is understandable to have the desire to improve these signs of aging to maintain an edge in the workplace. It is easy to see why blepharoplasty, also known as eyelid surgery, is gaining in...

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Are You Beach-Body Ready?

It’s officially Summer! Which means it’s time to pull out the aviator sunglasses, tropical prints, and hit the beach! As the temperature rises and layers of clothing lessen, men and women are taking a good hard look in the mirror and debating whether it’s time for a little cosmetic fix. Diet and Exercise As doctors, we recommend diet and exercise in order to reach your beach-body goals. This doesn’t mean you have to join the next fad diet or register for a gym membership, but small strides will definitely lead you in the right direction. Work...

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Complete Your Transformation: Which Enhancement Is For You?

Your weight loss journey was no walk in the park. After a couple hundred laps and countless trips to the gym you’ve managed to not only lose the weight, but regain control of your life. Even though you’ve witnessed positive changes to your body, it’s not uncommon that the remnants of weight loss can leave excess skin, unsightly scarring and stubborn fat deposits. These side effects can be uncomfortable, cause infection, and make day to day activities more difficult. Don’t feel discouraged, cosmetic enhancements simply do just that; enhance...

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Investing in Yourself: 3 Unexpected Benefits of Getting Plastic Surgery

Unexpected Benefits of Getting Plastic Surgery: If you’re having doubts about getting plastic surgery for the fear of being labeled as self-absorbed or vain, think again. While plastic surgery can alter your looks, it can also improve your emotional and mental well-being. Indeed, plastic surgery can be a powerful confidence-building tool that can enhance your look and enrich your life. Here are three unexpected benefits of Getting Plastic Surgery you can reap when you decide to get plastic surgery: Increased Confidence The insecurity and...

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Common Medical Conditions That A Rhinoplasty Can Improve

Rhinoplasty: Many people spend a fortune to have a nose like Scarlett Johansson’s, Halle Berry’s or Kate Beckinsale’s. For them, spending money for a nose job is an investment they make for themselves. Getting a rhinoplasty, though, can offer more than that. It’s true that this cosmetic procedure is designed to reshape the nose to have a more pleasing appearance, but it can also improve breathing issues. In fact, a rhinoplasty can solve both issues at the same time. Rhinoplasty is the second most requested procedure for good reason. Here are...

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