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The Alastin Skincare Line has been formulated to enhance the results of your cosmetic procedure by preparing the skin beforehand, and by expediting the skin’s natural healing process during recovery. While booking your consultation with one our the board-certified HPCS surgeons make sure to ask about a skin care product like Alastin that can help prepare your skin for the best results.

The product line from Alastin has been developed based on a deep understanding of your skin’s extracellular matrix (ECM)—the molecules in your skin that provide structural and biochemical support to the dermis. A healthy ECM plays an integral role in your skin’s regeneration process. This is where the TriHex Technology comes in to play.

Alastin’s TriHex Technology is a blend of peptides and other ingredients that enhance skin’s health by clearing away damaged and aged proteins hiding out in the ECM. This technology also helps support collagen and elastin production, reduces inflammation, facilitates recovery and maintains the overall effect of cosmetic procedures over time.

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Alastin Skincare product line

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To schedule an appointment for a cosmetic procedure and to discuss the Alastin skincare line with one of our board-certified surgeons, please contact us at 713-791-0700, or click the button below.