What We Do

Cosmetic surgery, reconstructive surgery, sinus and nasal surgery; HPCS, Houston Plastic Craniofacial & Sinus Surgery, specializes in some of the most complicated fields in the medical world. From board-certified plastic surgeons to fellowship-trained specialists, HPCS is led by a team of well-trained and experienced surgeons from a diverse range of fields.

We Offer Expertise In Cosmetic, Both Surgical, Non-Surgical, and Reconstructive Procedures

Our surgeons are trained in state-of-the-art techniques for rhinoplasty, the facelift, breast procedures like breast augmentation and breast lift, and other body contouring procedures like the tummy tuck or post-weight loss surgery. For patients seeking less invasive treatments, HPCS has acquired the most advanced laser and injectable technology for skin and facial rejuvenation. No matter what the cosmetic procedure, HPCS believes in  giving patients natural, long lasting results.

HPCS is also proud to offer the most sophisticated techniques for our reconstructive surgery procedures: DIEP Flap technique for breast reconstruction, ear reconstruction, cleft lip & palate surgery, skin cancer surgery, facial paralysis treatment, and more.  More than anything, our surgical team is passionate about providing an elite level of medical treatment for patients whose lives have been affected by congenital defects, trauma, or disease.

HPCS’s surgical services are also available for emergency situations; we’re currently offering 24-hour emergency services for treating lacerations.

What We Do for Sinus and Nasal Problems

HPCS also specializes in rhinology, which is the medical and surgical treatment of sinus and nasal disorders. Rhinology is an extremely complex subspecialty of Otolaryngology, a specialty that focuses on conditions of the ears, nose, and throat (ENT). While other general ENT practices might try to treat rhinology cases, only rhinology specialists have the proper amount of training and experience to perform such sophisticated procedures.

Several of our team members have completed top-ranked rhinology fellowships, and are among an elite few rhinologists in all of Texas. To get the highest level of care and expertise for delicate sinus and nasal conditions, it’s essential that you trust our specialists with your treatment.

Most importantly, HPCS can provide more than just elite medical treatment, HPCS and its professional staff is passionate about creating a safe, welcoming environment for its patients.

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