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Sinus FAQ with our ENT Experts

Who We Are

My Houston Surgeons is the only private practice in Texas specializing in the medical and surgical treatment of sinus and nasal problems, and headed by one fellowship-certified sinus specialists who is a diplomate of the American Board of Otolaryngology (ENT). Dr. Kuperan has completed highly prestigious subspecialty advanced fellowship training in sinus, nasal, and skull base diseases.

He offers unique cutting edge expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of chronic sinusitis, nasal airway obstruction, smell and taste loss, nasal allergies, chronic nasal drip, nosebleeds, chronic eye tearing, cerebrospinal fluid leaks, and benign and malignant sinus and skull base tumors.

He is the only fellowship-trained sinus specialist in the Woodlands and Memorial City communities and among a select few in all of Texas. Many general ENT doctors advertise being “sinus specialists” but only My Houston Surgeons has the fellowship level sinus expertise you deserve. For sinus and nasal problems trust your care to our experts.

Man feeling sinus pressure on face

What We Do

At My Houston Surgeons, our sinus experts specialize in rhinology –  the medical and surgical treatment of sinus and nasal disorders and encompasses a wide spectrum of problems including chronic sinusitis, nasal obstruction (deviated septum and/or inferior turbinate enlargement), anosmia and hyposmia, allergies, chronic nasal drip, epistaxis (nosebleeds), chronic epiphora (eye tearing), cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) leaks, and benign and malignant sinus and skull base tumors.

As you can see, rhinology is a very complex subspecialty of Otolaryngology (ENT). Many general ENT practices see rhinology patients but lack fellowship trained experts to deal with such challenging problems. Our board certified doctors have both completed a top ranked rhinology fellowship and are among an elite few in all of Texas. Trust your rhinology issues to a fellowship certified specialist and get the highest level of care and expertise possible.

What Distinguishes Us from Other “Sinus Specialists?”

At My Houston Surgeons, we believe that every medical problem requires a tailored approach to achieve the best outcome. Unfortunately, in many practices, a “one size fits all” approach is used to deal with patient illnesses. For example, the balloon sinus dilation procedure is an excellent minimally-invasive way to open an infected sinus in a patient with mild chronic sinus disease. However, this procedure is often done without considering the severity of sinus disease. Unfortunately many patients fail to improve or continue to have chronic sinus infections because they really needed endoscopic sinus surgery in the operating room.

Many general ENT doctors prefer to perform balloon sinus procedures because they lack the advanced training required to safely perform more complex sinus procedures. The balloon also saves them time. Our expertise and advanced fellowship sinus training will ensure that you get the perfect treatment–the first time. Our sinus specialists have the unique skills to perform the most minimally invasive balloon sinus dilation procedures ranging all the way up to the most advanced frontal sinus drill-out procedures (Lothrop). We offer the full spectrum of sinus, nasal, and skull base treatment so you know that when you see us we will tailor your treatment to your specific needs.

Trust your care to our fellowship trained sinus specialists, and you can rest assured they are advising you on the best treatment options because they have the knowledge, expertise, and skills to do whatever it takes to get you well again.

Demystifying Sinus Surgery

Part of what makes finding a true sinus expert challenging is that the work we do is hidden from view inside the nose. On the contrary, if a plastic surgeon did a poor facelift, the results would be obvious and future patients would go elsewhere. Unfortunately, sinus specialists do not benefit from this transparency. Many patients undergo substandard sinus surgery, get complications, or even have persistent disease and the patients are unaware of this because it is all hidden out of sight.

At My Houston Surgeons, we will show you the endoscopic views of your nasal cavity and sinuses through the nostril openings so there is no more mystery about your treatment. If you think you may have persistent problems or complications after previous endoscopic sinus surgery, nasal airway surgery, or balloon sinuplasty let our expert fellowship certified sinus specialists evaluate the surgery that was done and assess its adequacy. Our focused subspecialty practice allows us to provide the highest level of sinus and nasal care that other doctors lack.

Our ENT Mission Statement

We are here to offer unparalleled comprehensive sinus and nasal care at an academic level with the convenience and accessibility of the private practice setting. We provide cutting edge care for the sinus, nose, and skull base that is truly unique in Houston. Our staff and doctors are knowledgeable, friendly, and accessible. We believe in a team approach to patient care that results in the best possible patient outcomes, and are extremely committed to this goal. Collaboration with other medical specialties such as Ophthalmology, Neurosurgery, and Oncology is recommended for specific patients to ensure the highest quality of patient care. We look forward to building enduring relationships with the physicians and patients in the communities we are privileged to serve, and maintaining the highest levels of professionalism and ethics.

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